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  • Support & Resistance Pivot Points
  • Weekly COT Index Updates with Contrarian Bias
  • Contrarian FX Retail Trader Positioning
  • Fibonacci Clusters, Volume and TPO Market Profile

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The longer you trade, the longer you realize that support and resistance are your two best friends.  ToTheTick's work in this field could be the most valuable material you own.  Use it with confidence.

1. Trend Overview
This tool uses a traffic light color code system (Red Bearish, Green Bullish, Grey Neutral) to give an overall view of trend direction across 3 time frames.  Short =1-2 Days, Medium 3-5 Days and Long being 10 days.

2. COT Index Contrarian Bias
Using data released every week by the CFTC we use our traffic light system to compare Large and Commercial traders looking for them to be trading in contradiction to other to provide an indication of overall market direction.

3. Live News
Live News provided by FinancialJuice.

4. Prior Day Summary
A Summary of the previous days trading Open, High, Low, Close and Range.

5.  Key News Events
Scheduled market events that are likely to effect the trading session, not all scheduled events are included, only events that key and likely to have an effect on the particular instrument you are looking at.

6. Fibonacci Clusters
Fibonacci levels across multiple higher level time frames (1hr and above), the information from these time frames is then combined and areas that have multiple Fibonacci levels 'clustering' together are described in the table.

7. Pivot Points
These are calculations based upon the Open, High, Low and Close of the previous day and provide mathematically derived Support and Resistance levels.

8. Indicator Map (iMap)
Describes the directional bias of a set of indicators based upon the daily chart. Red denotes Sell side bias, Grey a Neutral bias and Green a Buy side bias. The indicators used are the CCI, MACD, Stochastics and RSI.

9. News Headlines
News Headlines worth noting and paying attention to.

10. TPO/Volume Value Areas
Data is derived from Market Profile, describes the key Value Area numbers from the previous days trading action. It defines the Value Area i.e. the area in which prive spent 70% of its time (TPO) OR Volume, the high of this 70% range being the VAH (Value Area High) and the low being the VAL (Value Area Low). The POC (Point of Control) is the price point that was most heavily traded.

11. Trader Journal Area
This section is text editing enabled and allows users to add and edit text, to document their trading day and ideas. can be saved for future reference.

A one stop shop for finding the key levels in multiple markets each and every day.

This is really one of the BEST all round tools that I have seen!