Move Over Marx, Here Comes Obama

Ronald Reagan would be turning in his grave, wouldn’t he? In what became known as the most anti-communist speech of all time given by Reagan in 1987 on the 70th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution (1917), the former President of the United States of America said that the Soviet Union was the ‘evil empire’. If we could bring that President back to life in true-Hollywood fashion (in fitting with his previous job! A leopard never changes its spots), he would certainly say that it was not Russia today that was the evil empire of communism, but the United States itself! Funny how, as time goes on, people seem to change their attitudes and forget what they once criticized in the past, isn’t it?

The Question that Obama is begging us all to answer these days is: has the good old US of A gone Commy? Pinko? Lefty? You know what I’m hinting it, don’t you? Don’t go getting all bashful, some might say that there is nothing to be ashamed of. Shame it just didn’t happen fifty-odd years ago, you might have saved us all the heartache of the Cold War, shivering out in the freezing temperatures of two ideologies that were at loggerheads with each other, vying for a place of supremacy.

Now the US has gone the other way. Move over Marx! Marx is so yesterday, anyhow, dontcha know? Obama is the new manna; he’s a happening all in himself, food from heaven and the best thing about it all is that it came at a time when nobody expected it at all.

Obama’s new tax policy will raise $800 billion over a decade. But, it’s the rich and the middle class that are going to be hit the most. The People’s Bank of the Soviet Union shortly after the Revolution was created by the merging of banks that were nationalized by force. Only difference with Obama and the US banking system is where the forcing came from. The banks in the US have been to all intents and purposes nationalized. Obama has bailed out the banks to the tune of $780 billion each year since the recession according to research. They get $360 billion in Federal Reserve subsidies and $120 billion in federal deposit insurance. You can add another $100 billion in government-guaranteed loans and the same sum in monopolistic advantages. Lastly there’s $100 billion in fees in the OTC (over-the-counter) derivative market. That all adds up to trillions. Literally.

Remember they were “too big to fail”. Where’s the free-market economics that were the pride of neoliberalism? Reagan would be turning in his grave! Didn’t we believe in the US at one time that printing money would do nothing more than increase inflation. Whatever happened to those principles of the USA, so dear to their hearts, so exportable to the rest of the world? It was the model that we all had to follow. Now, the US is turning in on itself, coming full circle, turning commy. Who would have thought?

Obamacare was an admirable pledge for his election. Even though he is far from succeeding and there are still million without access to health in the USA. There were 45 million in 2012 that still didn’t have healthcare cover. But, in the process of setting up healthcare Obama has created a hoard of bureaucrats that are employed daily as civil servants to deal with the implementation of new policies. Federal employment has increased under Obama by 11.7% on average since 2009. If the shrinking private sector of liberals can’t employ you (there’s been a fall of 7.5 million jobs), then the state will happily do so. Can we all join the bandwagon?  There were 2, 790, 000 federal workers in January 2009 (when Obama took office). Now there are 2, 804, 000. Every month has seen an increase in the number of federal workers since that date. Where’s the neoliberal attitude gone?

What happened to free trade? Where are the open markets, privatization and deregulation? Where’s the reduction in the public sector gone? Where’s the meritocracy in life? Where’s the employee of the month hanging on the wall out of just deserves? That’s so old-hat, isn’t it just! Everyone gets protected, helped, boosted, aided. That’s the wonderful thing about Communism. Old-School style. Now that’s fashionable, isn’t it? Old-school!

The Obama administration has sent the welfare state through the roof, costing nearly $1 trillion a year. That’s an increase of 19%. Is the US becoming an assisted state? Is the state become the people’s nanny? Federal and state spending have grown from $779.9 billion to $927.2 billion. Debt is growing, spending is increasing and the welfare state is expanding. The answer in true Soviet fashion is to print the bills and provide for the people.

This reads like a fictional piece. A Hollywood film featuring Obama and everybody gets to eat the popcorn…well sorry, the rich pay, the poor eat the popcorn. But, it’s not a movie. It’s what’s happening today.

Had the Soviet Union still been in existence, the USA would have been annexed as a wonderful example of the ideology that they invented. Today, that’s not possible. So, Obama is going to have to go it alone.

But, as we look on and watch in awe at what is happening with the QE, the state intervention(s), the money-printing, the bolstering of the banks, the massive shore-up policies to save the failings of their system, we wonder how Stalin must have (somewhere, wherever he is in that Communist paradise) a wry smirk on his face. Can you hear The Internationale? Obama is humming it as we speak! The USSA?

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  • SRV

    Reply Reply June 1, 2013

    Bush bailed out the banks...

    Reagan was responsible for setting the course for the corporate takeover of America...

    Your piece is pure demagoguery...

    Obama is not the problem, or haven't you noticed that congress blocks any and everything he tries to do to legislate even cursory control of the banks and corporations... because they own all of the politicians, and most of the judiciary.

    Reagan was nothing but a corporate lap dog and his mythical wisdom is just that!

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