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How many times do you watch the news in the day (or at night for that matter)? If we are honest, keeping up with what happens in our day-to-day lives is what we all do, whether that be on alternative news sites or mainstream places. In today’s world staying connected, being a hipster and residing in Hipsturbia means that you are probably doing most of that from the comfort of your tablet or your smartphone. We are bombarded with news and information, figures and numbers to make it look believable and even more telling and related to our own lives.

Attorney General Eric Holder

Attorney General Eric Holder

But, just how much of that is really true? Are we really interested and up on what the Federal Reserve is doing and how much it is spending and do we know the latest developments in the Edward Snowden affair? No, the US government will not sentence him to death. Believe me; they just made the promise to Russia! Attorney General Eric Holder wrote a letter stating so on July 23rd and the news has just broken. It stated that claims that Snowden might “be tortured and would face the death penalty are entirely without merit”. He added that Snowden would never have been tortured since “torture is unlawful in the United States”. But, isn’t it also unlawful to willingly listen in to conversations and openly gain access to passwords of internet users?

According to the research carried out and just published by Wakefield Research, we actually know very little about the real things that are going to affect our lives that get broadcast in the news. Oh, the general public can apparently remember who’s just had a baby in London and what the kid’s name is, or that Hugh Jackman is Wolverine. But, knowing what Abenomics means is an entirely different matter.

In a survey conducted on people’s knowledge of the news (carried out on a 1, 000-people sample) 37% of people have knowingly lied to make it appear as if they know about the news, so that they appear to be smarter than others. For people who are ‘hipsters’ that increases to 50%, since we believe that people are connected on tablets and smartphones 24/24 and 7/7.

Apparently, 72% of people also believe in the USA that the news is a good means of starting an argument with some.

But if we are to believe statistics, then the latest figures released for 2012 (by the Pew Research Center) regarding the news show that there was an increase from 9% to 19%, between 2010 and 2012, concerning the number of people that obtain their news on-line. Only 23% of US citizens read a newspaper in printed format today. 55% of Americans watch the news on television as a primary source of information.

On-Line News

On-Line News

In a poll carried out in February 2013 by Public Policy Polling 46% of Americans do not trust Fox News Channel as a source of news.

I wonder just how much people actually really do remember when they have finished their day or scanning the papers on-line and watching the news channels. I wonder how much of the news we actually believe also. Do I take it at face value that Edward Snowden will indeed not be tortured or not be sentenced to death somewhere in the US for what the country considers to be a treasonable offence?

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