Obama NOT Worst President

Yesterday I thought that Barack Obama was probably the worst President in the entire history of the USA given his record on unemployment and Gross Domestic Product since he has been in office. But, then again, on second thoughts, he may be the only President that he could have been. The President in the USA is no longer the President since the office is just an empty shell, the fall-out fell long ago and the strings just get pulled for arms to wave and smiles to form. Long ago, back when Ronald Reagan took office he was the laughable derision of many a mirth-maker around the planet for being the actor, the far-west guy, that had a pea-sized brain and that made crass jokes about how he was going to push the button and blast the USSR off the planet. He was the guy who had a wife that did nothing but fall of podiums and stages; the stooges. But, all that time the cinema acting was just play and Barack was a youngster waiting in the wings, preparing his own entry onto the stage, to strut and fret his hour in front of the world. But, his acting school was much more insidiously secret than Reagan’s.  Obama’s not the worst President of the USA.

He’s nothing today but that actor, simply because the US has lost all notion of democracy.

Obama just acts for the shop-front window-dressing game that is played out on television and in the mainstream media. It’s the others that are running the country. They are the ones that are mightily more powerful than any president will ever manage to be in the future, unless a dictator pops out of the wings and runs on stage to pull the final curtain. The spy-agencies, the National Security Agency, the private interest groups and the lobbies run the United States of America today, not Obama, not anyone else. Throw in a little bit of Wall Street and the Bankster Gangsters and hey presto we have a Republic. But, it’s a republic in which bananas have been replaced by other such commodities as gold, or steel or gas and petrol, but the government employees are no less  influenced to illegitimately exploit their positions to further their own personal gains, while the workers of the country actually pay back the sums that are siphoned off, embezzled and fraudulently obtained.


The media no longer reports on what is going wrong in the puppet-show as they have already suffered the consequences of an embittered NSA that has wrapped them over the knuckles in a stance that would liken them to patriots turned bad. Edward Snowden has just made a statement that accuses the National Security Agency of drawing up a list of journalists that were critical of the US state in the wake of 9/11.

In an interview to the New York Times Magazine he declared: “After 9/11, many of the most important news outlets in American abdicated their role as a check to power – the journalistic responsibility to challenge the excesses of government – for fear of being seen as unpatriotic and punished in the market during a period of heightened nationalism”.

Heightened nationalism and extended patriotism in the USA is the order of the day. Fall into line, or the guys that pull the strings on the puppet will target you.

Paul Craig Roberts, economist and former Assistant secretary of the Treasury under the Reagan Administration, believes that the US is a ‘lawless’ state in which ‘humanity is drowning in Washington’s criminality’.

James Risen, the New York Times national security reporter risks being jailed for refusing to provide the name of a source. A court of appeal in Virginia has just ordered that a journalist must provide a source upon request from the state and that puts journalism on a bad footing for the future. Risen says he’ll stand by his convictions and go to prison if it comes down to that. The US administration has turned into a ministry of propaganda and a mouthpiece for the organs that stand behind the President.


The US administration has closed down embassies around the world and shipped the diplomats out, packing up and fleeing. The attack on the United States is so imminent that for the first time in history the US has fled? Really?

But, hang on, Al-Qaeda was done and dusted ages ago we were told when the government of the United States and President Obama announced that Bin Laden was dead, back in 2011. But, now the National Security Agency is justified in listening in on us. Without them, millions of Americans might have suffered around the world. I’m with you, now! The imminently ‘strategically-significant’ attacks caused 21 embassies to be closed. Then 9 reopened the following day.


James Clapper NIA - USA

James Clapper NIA - USA

James R. Clapper, the Director of the National Intelligence Agency itself, apologized not so long ago for lying to Congress about the activities of the NSA. When asked if the NSA collected data on millions of Americans he replied that “no, Sir” it did not. Clapper is still in his position at the head of the National Intelligence Agency, but it’s hardly likely to change. Who would boot him out? It’s one of the agencies running the show.


Ben Bernanke : USA -  Federal Reserve Governor

Ben Bernanke : USA - Federal Reserve Governor

We should have realized long ago when Ben Bernanke said to Senator (when asked to whom $2.2 trillion had been lent in the bail-out program) just one short, sharp word: “No”. Back then in 2009, it was Congress that had lost the battle and the Federal Reserve that had thrown down the gauntlet at the feet of the American people.

The Federal Reserve was no longer accountable to anybody, let alone those that had been elected by the people, for the people. But the Gettysburg Address is only history, isn’t it? Impotency comes with old age, so we are told and Congress was getting on a bit, wasn’t it?


The Americans are immensely proud of their country. Their nation was constructed on an idea of unity in diversity. Being diverse meant that they had to hold on to one thing. That one thing was incarnated in the body of the imaginary Presidential ideal. But, that’s long gone. Although the pride exists and lingers on still today, but the only unity is that of repaying the national debt of close to $17 trillion. Although, Professor Lawrence Kotlikoff of the University of Boston has estimated that this figure too is pure wool-over-our-eyes fantasy. The real national debt, when we have included the full cost of unfunded liabilities such as Medicare and the Social Security programs, then we reach about $222 trillion in national debt.

USA: President Obama

USA: President Obama

Obama the worst President? Probably not in the light of the fact that he isn’t President and nobody will be unless the system is modified. But, we love a scapegoat. We defend the underdog. How many of us have stood our ground and defended the banksters that were sent down for billions, the guys that have brought down the banks? How many of us have said that it was unfairly contemptible to condemn one single man as the lone wolf, the agitator of the banks’ crimes? How many of us have seen the Kerviel-ing of bankers brought to justice for what they were told to do by the guys at the top lapping up the cream? Yet, we criticize one sole man that stands as a window-dressed statue in the shop front of the Oval Office in some big White House that stood for something once and bring him down like a crashing monument after the revolution has long moved on?

It’s not Obama that is the worst President of the USA, it’s the USA that is itself the worst for letting the Wall Street guys, the banksters, the lobbies, the private enterprises, the security agencies, the others, the unknown run the country for them in the name of the President. 
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  • Joe BLow

    Reply Reply August 14, 2013


    Well Said.
    Wish more people had the balls.
    Heard the same thing first hand from a relative working @ Hearst many years ago.

    "You just don't ask those questions at the press conference when the camera's are rolling, or you and your employer will never work another white-house function ever again."

    Our democracy of 250 years has been sold down the river by the potential of a snub!

    • Geoffrey Henny

      Reply Reply August 18, 2013

      Obama probably saved this country from the financial and real estate parasites, defense contractors and the most corrupt healthcare non system in history that almost destroyed it. He has a very long term vision that accepts that in the short run he is going to be challenged by all kinds of people with all kinds of motives. Its interesting that only now that we have a black president is there talk about the president being a front man for nefarious interests or powerless. That may have been true of Bush and Reagan. It certainly has not been true of Clinton (and I acknowledge that Clinton and that crook Rubin and blow hard Summers scuppered Glass Steagall) and Obama. My guess is Obama will go down as a great President if he can get healthcare and climate change policy implemented, bring down the deficit further, further reduce unemployment, make key infrastructure investments, reduce our spending on the military and make it smarter and successfully, reform schools and get his arms around the financial system. The Republicans and left wing Democrats will make it hard for him to do this but he has proved to be a much more formidable player than anyone expected. He has taken on more than any president in history, except perhaps Franklin Roosevelt, and my bet is he deals successfully with most of it which will be a mind blowing achievement when you think he is doing it with very little help from Congress and the Supreme Court. With any luck Hilary or Biden will carry on his good work to conclusion.

      • tony

        Reply Reply August 19, 2013

        anybody that thinks this highly of Obama is just another political dunce or Obama shill.

      • Frankenstein Government

        Reply Reply September 3, 2013

        Absolutely delusional.

        I note the usual "bang the GOP" tone of some partisan hack on Huffpo. Did you and your recycling get lost on the way there?

      • jack carpenter

        Reply Reply October 1, 2013

        Give us some air. Obama has played the public for the fools we are. He has very little understanding of economics or traditional politics. His has been a politics of factionalism aimed at installing a larger welfare state than we had before 2008. A "fairer but poorer and weaker" state has been his goal and his gifts to the next generations. As for a "mind blowing achievement" ? Yes, he has torn down the system that once provided opportunity to all, not equality to all. Now he defends allowing NSA invasions, IRS rape of his political enemies, and he personally evades and violates the laws of his own making. He is a tintype dictator with supporters such as Henny. Deliver us from the left : Hilary and Joe will be just a bad dream when we wake up to what has been done by Barack and find responsible leadership. Hard to see it today but it is NOT more of the same, much less approval of recent history since 2008.

  • Woodrow Wilson

    Reply Reply August 17, 2013

    President Woodrow Wilson and his lapdog, Col. Edward Mandel House, have destroyed America. If you don't know who these evil people were, you should read more. I agree with your article, but it would have been so much stronger if you had mentioned these demons at the end. Their plan (The Creature of Jekyll Island) has come to full fruition - exactly 100 years later - and the whole world is now paying for the utter ignorance of our great-grandparents by allowing these two frail, crippled, little, short-sighted, old men to foment their ill will towards our race - for whatever reason.

    Americans are supposed to be better than this. We are supposed to be the beacon of freedom and liberty to shine on the world. If America should fail, then humanity has failed, and we shall perish from this earth in short order.

    Thank Woodrow Wilson. The #1 worst President ever - much, much worse than the puppet Obama could ever dream to be.

  • Good Luck!

    Reply Reply August 17, 2013

    America's only hope at this point is for the good Senator from Kentucky to take the helm. Otherwise, change will follow - Texas will lead the secession movement this time around.

  • Pavlov's Cat

    Reply Reply October 15, 2013

    I guess the vast majority of the US people are bad for being "good" and "trusting" people and believing that those in charge are similarly good and honorable people. So much more is the pitty that author's such as you blame good people for the acts of evil people.

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