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The daily presidential-tracking poll shows that on Sunday August 18th 51% of US citizens disapprove of what President Obama is doing in the country. 48% approve of what he is doing. So do we have a ‘Hate’ button’ on our Facebook page or just the ‘Like’ button? Perhaps Mark Zuckerberg should start thinking about getting that marketed. Obama’s ratings have done nothing but decline in the face of rising unemployment and measures taken that have left the country in disarray and in economic stagnation.

President Obama

President Obama

On January 21st 2009, there were 65% of US voters that approved of what he was going to do back then. But, it’s always positive at the outset. New beliefs, new ideas, new start. Although, it’s more like stops and starts as the US economy splutters and coughs like a sick old man. Sick old Uncle Sam. Then, it just turns out all the same and things go topsy-turvy as the voters realize that little else will change except the name of the guy sitting somewhere in the White House.

  • Today 39% of the voters strongly disapprove of what Obama has done in his second and final stint in the hot seat of the Oval Office.
  • He currently has a Presidential-approval rating that is in the minus figures and currently stands at -15.

As President Obama winged his way off on a holiday to last all this week he announced on Friday that he would be setting up stringent controls of the way the National Security Agency collects data on US citizens and how that data is recorded and exploited. Now, we are all reassured I am certain. I have the inkling that it will take a lot more than just a press conference on the day you fly off on holiday Mr. President to allay the worries, fears and anger of the US citizens that do not like being watched over by an anti-constitutional policy that turns the US into a ridiculous preposterous example of a democratic republic that once was.

  • 49% of US citizens expect the quantity of monitoring to remain exactly the same as before.
  • But, 30% of US citizens believe that the National Security Agency will in fact increase the surveillance.

In other words, nearly one third believes that now we are in on what’s being done, the National Security Agency can do what it likes with us and our information. Once told and the beans spilt, you don’t have to cover things up anymore and you can move on to the next stage in the surveillance plan. Any ideas what that might entail? I am sure imaginations will be running not just wild, but will be in the very heart of the wilderness on that one.

President Obama and Federal Government

President Obama and Federal Government

  • Only 11% of US citizens believe that the surveillance will stop and believe what Obama announced on Friday.
  • That in itself is still surprising since 11% believe that he will do what he says and be a man of his word (is that possible for a politician these days?), but 48% approve of his policies today.
  • So there’s an enormous gap in what people are prepared to accept in terms of surveillance and what they believe the President capable of carrying through in terms of economic policy.
  • The majority of people, therefore, believe that the secret state has been set up and has long-existed. It has probably existed for too long and very little will change that except the reporting on what is taking place, more likely than not.
  • Only 24% of US citizens believe anyhow that the state is able to take the decisions that are right ‘all of the time’ or right ‘most of the time’ for the country.
  • 56% of US citizens today believe that alienable rights which should have been protected by the government in the US are now being eroded.
  • The federal government is seen more as a threat to personal and individual rights today.
  • That’s an increase of 10% on what the US thought back in December 2012.
  • The US is becoming exactly what it has always criticized.
  • But, who is to blame?
  • Only 30% of people in the US believe that the federal government is actually protecting their rights.

Fancy going away at a time that you are at -15 in the ratings with the people! Although, Obama really doesn’t even need to be present anymore, does he? Via the National Security Agency’s surveillance program it’s as if we all had a small piece of Obama with us at every minute of the day. How ubiquitous of President Obama and how worrisome for 51% of the population and even more tiresome for the 39% that strongly disapprove of him and his policies!

Whatever we might feel or think about Obama and his policies, this will be the last time that he stands for President. Although he will have certainly made it difficult for US citizens to believe in the role that is to be played out by the federal government. People in the US have lost faith in what the federal government’s role is in society and the economy. Obama is beset with economic strife regarding the relaunching of the US economy coupled with growing concerns about privacy that have undermined faith in the role that he is playing. Obama’s ratings have been at the same mark more or less all through the second term, but recent developments might mean that he will lose popularity even more. However, that unpopularity will probably have to come from his own camp or from unaffiliated voters that are able to swing from one party to another, depending on which way the wind blows. But, the wind might be blowing right in the face of Obama, since next year’s midterm elections to be held on November 4th 2014 might show a huge swing towards the Republican Party.

Faith in Federal Government?

Faith in Federal Government?

There will be all 435 seats in the House of Representatives that are up for grabs and 33 seats in in the United States Senate. Plus, there will be 33 state and territorial governorships and 46 state legislatures that will be going on at the same time.

But, some might say that the President of the United States, whoever it might be in the future, will just be fighting an uphill battle. It’s impossible to transform the faith that no longer exists in federal government. Even at the start of the second term of office of President Obama only 34% of voters were favorable about the role of federal government. It’s something that people haven’t believed in for a very long time.

The only time that faith will be restored is if and when federal government gets a complete overhaul. The old order and the chummy cronies need to be replaced with fresh new people (who will end up crony chums). So, it will all just turn out the same. But, the interim period might be worth the try.

Whatever happens, Obama won’t be around in 2016 during the next Presidential elections in the US. But, it is more than likely that his party won’t be in the running either next year, or in 2016.

It seems like it’s time to move over, Mr. President.

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