How Sinister is the State?

Just how far have our countries gone in the so-called fight against terrorism that they have been waging every single second since 9/11? When we hear our politicians spouting out reams of reasons why we must have this law or that law to protect us every day, the sheeple sit back and listen with baited breath at the shock and horror that is spread out before them by their leaders. Then, what ensues is that those very same politicians that say that we need protection and state intervention actually destroy our world and our countries. Society was destroyed long ago with the lack of meritocracy that was instilled into people, making part of our countries assisted by the welfare state, living off the backs of those that actually wanted to work.

New Laws

But now, our countries have colluded together in a bid to destroy every last ounce of anything that might have been respectably constructed and compounded over the past centuries. Our countries have destroyed what has been built up over centuries in one foul swoop, in just a few years; a mere blink in the eye of the lifetime it took to get where we were. Terrorism didn’t destroy anything but lives and property on 9/11, and that was already far too much. It left the rest to our own states that have destroyed our freedom in the name of the fight against Bush’s axis of evil and the rogue states. But the very heart of that axis of evil is our own elected governments. For some, it is our own fellow citizens that are to blame. For the ones that never voted them in or didn’t vote for the only other party that existed in the largely two-party systems that we have in western nations, their election on a shoestring number of voters is telling of the fact that democracy has gone down the plug hole and was washed away in a quick flush long ago.

Those elected governments have voted wonderful omnipotent laws that allow them, in the name of democracy and protection of people, to remove our freedoms. That was the biggest result of the 9/11 terrorist attacks and all of the others that followed suit in London and Madrid. The politicians just have the face for telling the lies that make some believe that their demands for heightened powers are justified. Like lemmings, some accept. Most condone it. Scaremongering is a powerful tool exploited by the state. Our communications are intercepted, our mails are read, our text messages are logged and our calls are monitored. We are followed by GPS-tracking systems and my whereabouts is known at every single minute of the day, even if my cellphone is off. Hard to make a call with the battery removed and stored in aluminum foil in the fridge, isn’t it?

Sinister States

Sinister State

Sinister State

The state has become sinister. It uses those laws today to instill fear in the populations of the western world. Surprisingly (!), it was announced just a few days ago that there will be a terrorist attack somewhere in Europe on a train. Of course, if someone really wanted to, they could enter almost any public building, university, school, bus, train or other area and detonate a bomb somewhere in our world. There would be very little possibility of stopping them, despite the surveillance cameras and the policing and the special heightened restrictions. German newspaper Bild reported yesterday that Al-Qaeda was plotting to kill people throughout Europe on high-speed train systems.

Where did that information come from? The National Security Agency of the United States of America, no less. Now, the Europeans must thank President Obama for the wonderful system of complexity that has been created to eavesdrop on us and others around the world. Obama did not only get the Nobel Peace Prize once (for some unknown reason), but he will get it again. A conference call was intercepted by the NSA providing detailed information about attacks on trains and tunnels, cabling and tracks. Sabotage at its very best. Al-Qaeda’s leader Ayan al-Zawahiri had conversations that were intercepted by the NSA with about 20 agents around the world. But, that was back in July. It has only just been revealed? Seems as if they certainly took a while to concoct the reason why we need to have Prism and the eavesdropping invasion of our privacy every day.

British authorities have also announced two new pieces of information regarding their powers and surveillance. Firstly, the Guardian newspaper in the UK has been ordered to destroy all of the Snowden files that they have. The newspaper stated that they would be threatened with legal action if they did not comply with the request. Although, firstly one might well wonder on what grounds that threatened prosecution would be based. Secondly, it also raises questions as to the advantage of doing so. Snowden will have copies and will have also provided other people with that information. Does this mean that the British government will be forcibly making sure that the Guardian no longer publishes anything related to the Snowden affair? A British official told the editor of the Guardian Alan Rusbridger: “You’ve had your fun. Now we want the stuff back”. It seems that the officialdom of the UK might have just got it all wrong. It’s not a question at all of ‘fun’; it’s something far more important. It won’t stop someone else printing it or Greenwald writing about it again on his own blog.

Greenwald and Miranda

Greenwald and Miranda

That revelation comes in the wake of the detention of the partner of the Guardian journalist Glen Greenwald (a US citizen and journalist for the newspaper in the UK). His partner David Miranda was detained at Heathrow Airport on Sunday while flying in transit from Brazil, via Berlin. He was released after being detained for nine hours under Schedule 7 of the UK Terrorism Act 2000. This law allows the questioning and detention of anyone suspected of terrorism in the UK or suspected of carrying out a terrorist act. The Metropolitan Police Service of the UK stated that the questioning of David Miranda was ‘necessary and proportionate’. Has the Metropolitan Police Service become the latest conscripted branch into a political wing that carries out duties of a policed state? Under what grounds did Miranda actually commit a wrong-doing apart from the fact that his partner has been stirring something up around the world by revealing the Snowden files?

  • The Terrorism Act 2000 states that you may be detained for questioning under this law if you have committed a ‘serious crime against a person
  • or even ‘serious damage to a property’.
  • It may also hold you for questioning if you ‘endanger a person’s life
  • or if you have the intention of ‘interfering with an electronic system’.

What damage to either a person or a property or a life or an electronic system did David Miranda carry out?

  • 97% of those that are detained are kept for only one hour in the UK under this law, however.
  • Only 1 person in 2000 is detained for 6 hours. These are the figures released by the British government itself.

Greenwald had told Miranda that he would send him an electronic copy of the files via a Skype conversation. Need we say more?

In a recent poll 54% of Americans believed that Snowden had done the right thing to reveal the surveillance. Only trouble is they also believe (53%) that he and the likes of him should be prosecuted. Although, it is very doubtful (if he ever gets caught) whether or not that trial will really take place.

  • The White House would have to put up with people camping outside the courthouse and demonstrating against the NSA.
  • The NSA would be in the papers every day and that would cause outcry on the international scene and at home in the US.
  • The US government would be restricted in shaping political discourse and it might be the NSA that ends up on trial.

David Miranda has been just another example of the unfailing powers that our states have enabled themselves to possess and that some amongst us have unyieldingly allowed to be put in place.


1984 and the state

1984 and the state

We were told that their new powers of Big Brother gone wrong were turned into other things that were much more fun for a state that was let loose and allowed to go on a rampant mad moment. It would even have sent a shiver down the spine of George Orwell. But what is often largely overlooked in Orwell’s 1984 is the fact that the television surveillance in the novel is not just to watch the people as they go about their daily business, but, it is to re-write history as it happens and change the course of life. Our state politicians have re-written history before it actually happened where we live. Oceania wasn’t a patch on what we have managed to do. The state has the Ministry of Truth has been invented along with the Ministry of Plenty and the Ministry of Peace. Just like Orwell’s Ministries, our versions have the opposite purpose of their names. Truth has been swept away. Plenty for the select few is the only abundance that exists. Peace is there just as long as it’s under our own rule. War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery and above all Ignorance is Strength. We have arrived; we have it all, by George!

The Ministry of Love has brainwashed some of the citizens in our states, just like in the fictional piece, into believing that Big Brother is to be loyally loved. Welcome to Oceania!
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  • Blair T. Longley

    Reply Reply August 20, 2013

    Both superficially, as well as more profoundly, it is practically and theoretically IMPOSSIBLE to fully estimate "How sinister is the State."

    Superficially, it is becoming painfully obvious to anyone who bothers to look more thoroughly at the information available about the events on 9/11/2001 that those were an inside job, false flag attack. The government of the USA so totally overlaps with Zionists that is barely possible to distinguish them. Generally, it is extremely probable that 9/11 was done by Zionists, in order to blame on Muslims. Everything that 9/11 amplified was happening before ... However, those things received an enormous push from the mass murders of Americans on 9/11/2001. Being able to get away with a crime of that magnitude, while the mass media were complicit and assisted with that, demonstrated how "sinister the state is!"

    However, like I said before, that is only a shallow view of what has been going on ... Moreover, it provides no genuine solutions to continue to only analyze these problems on those levels. OF COURSE, THE PEOPLE WHO ARE THE BEST AT DECEITS, BACKED BY DESTRUCTION, ARE ACTUALLY CONTROLLING CIVILIZATION! The deeper theoretical problems are that there is no other way that the real work could possibly work than to leave us muddling through the madness of a society dominated by legalized lies, backed by legalized violence, where the supreme organized criminals made and maintained what we call "governments," acting as the best organized organized crime gangs. States were created in the crucible of conflicts. The history of warfare generated the War Kings, which created the powers of sovereign states. The continuation of those developments enabled the Fraud Kings to take over covert control of the powers that the War Kings had originally assembled and channeled.

    Therefore, the systems that currently dominate the civilization we are living within have become global electronic frauds, backed by atomic bombs. It is quite impossible to overstate how "sinister" is that state of affairs. To more deeply understand what is going on requires attempting to comprehend how the powers of sovereign states were forged in the first place. I think we need to go back to the fundamentals. EVERYONE HAS SOME POWER TO ROB AND TO KILL TO BACK UP THAT ROBBERY. Governments were the result of assembling and channeling those powers. Governments were the result of the history of war developing the best organized groups who could rob, and kill to back up their robbery, becoming able to make and maintain Kingdoms, or Republics, and so on an so forth ... Within those organizations, those who were the best at being dishonest, and backing that up with violence, were those who exercised the most control over those social groups.

    States were made and maintained by the application of the principles and methods of organized crime, which is what warfare always was, except on larger and larger scales. The theories of democratic republics, or constitutional monarchies, were that their citizens were members of those organized crime gangs, which were supposed to be able to operate through the rule of law, so that the powers to rob, and to kill to back up that robbery, would be more or less consistent with the will of the people, and be exercised through the rule of law. In fact, citizens were always members of an organized crime gang. However, the vast majority of them have been brainwashed to not understand that, and to not want to understand that. Therefore, they have gradually been brainwashed in ways which allowed their ability to democratically restrain the abuse of power, and to limit the use of power through the rule of law, to atrophy away.

    Therefore, we now find ourselves inside systems which are runaway fascist plutocracy juggernauts. The power of the government to tax has been more and more taken over by the Fraud Kings, running the private banks, so that those private banks can create "money" out of nothing, as debts, while governments force everyone else to accept that fraud, and adapt to living inside of a political economy in which that fundamentally fraudulent financial accounting system was the method through which everyone had to operate. Everything got measured using a bent rubber ruler, via a monetary system which was measurements backed up by murder, which deliberately denied that radical truth about itself as much as it could.

    The vast majority of people did not understand any of that paradoxical radical truth, and do not want to understand it. Indeed, the deeper problem is always the same, which manifests the basic paradox of militarism. Militarism is the supreme ideology. Warfare is the oldest and best developed social science. However, success in warfare depended upon deceits, and spies were always the most important soldiers. That is what is behind our runaway systems of legalized lies, operating legalized robbery.


    That obvious trajectory towards tragedy is the threat of final failure from too much success via organized civilization on the basis of legalized lies, backed by legalized violence. Unfortunately, in order to resolve that better would take profound paradigm shifts in political science, which were consistent with similarly profound paradigm shifts in the philosophy of science. Of course, none of those things have any reasonable chances of being achieved in the foreseeable future.

    But nevertheless, I will point out some of the basic points. When the entropy equations were first developed in thermodynamics, an ARBITRARY minus sign was inserted, in order that the measurements of power would result in positive numbers. The true mathematics itself was saying that all measurements of power always result in negative numbers. Furthermore, when the entropy equations in thermodynamics were extrapolated into information theory, the same profound philosophical errors were continued. The radical truth is that human realities are ALWAYS organized lies, operating organized robberies. Those are the actual unitary mechanisms. All of our false fundamental dichotomies, and related impossible ideals, are based on seeing everything backwards, in a looking glass, Bizarro Mirror World, while the vast majority of people do not understand the elementary principles of philosophy, and therefore, do not understand that everything they see in that mirror is BACKWARDS.

    What is far worse, those people have been so profoundly brainwashed, for so many generations, that they do not want to understand. Rather, they continue to want to believe in the same old false fundamental dichotomies, and to propose "solutions" based on the same old impossible ideals, which always backfire badly in the real world. IMPOSSIBLE IDEALS ACTUALLY MAKE THE OPPOSITE HAPPEN IN THE REAL WORLD.

    There is still some theoretical hope in the basic ideas about democratic republics, or constitutional monarchies, and so forth. The best we can possibly do continues to be that "We the People" consent to operate through the "rule of law." However, that means we would have to democratize the death controls, because nothing less than that radical truth is sufficient to cope with the real problems of political economy, inside of the real context of human ecology.

    The central concepts of human ecology are the death controls. The murder system maintains the money system, and then the money system pays for the murder systems in return. The debt controls are backed up by the death controls. It is IMPOSSIBLE for human realities to exist in any other ways, and that IS the way that those realities actually exist now. However, what has happened is that the assembled and channeled powers of everyone to be able to rob, and to kill to back up their robbery, have been more and more effectively privatized. Almost 99% of the power to rob, and the power to kill to back up that robbery, has been transferred to the Fraud Kings, the established systems of privately owned banks, which exist because they effectively have the command and control over the public powers of states ... Anyway, those are my recommendations regarding how we should penetrate more deeply into this question of "How Sinister is the State?" We should regard our politics as NECESSARILY being dynamic equilibria between different systems of organized lies, operating organized robberies, in which governments are ALWAYS operating systems of legalized lies, backed by legalized violence.

    The deeper problems are that the vast majority of people do not understand that radical truth, and do not want to understand. Therefore, the biggest gangsters, the banksters, have been able to more and more take control over, and effectively privatize the powers of sovereign states, to tax, which is robbery, and to enforce taxation, through the police and the army, which can and do kill those who resist being robbed.

    Everything was always based on organized lies, operating organized robberies. The only genuine solutions to the chronic political problems are better dynamic equilibria between various different systems doing that. However, what has actually happened is that the false fundamental dichotomies, and related impossible ideals, have almost totally taken over the public space. Therefore, it was always the case that governments were the best organized gangs of criminals, and the biggest terrorists. The problem is that their relative success at being able to get away with that has become excessive, since too many other people are too brainwashed to be able to understand that, or to want to understand that basic reality.

    The state is not only relatively sinister, but necessarily sinister, since, by definition, the state is based on organized lies, operating organized robberies. There was never any fundamental dichotomy between organized crime versus government. Governments were always the best organized crime. Therefore, the only genuine solutions are even better organized crime, operating better overall combined money/murder systems. In theory, we should make a greater use of information doing that. However, the vast majority of citizens are now too completely clueless, and out of the loop, to be able to accomplish that.

  • timothy straus

    Reply Reply September 4, 2013


    Read Robert Higg's recent book

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