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You know when one of the kids pilfers something out the fridge when they shouldn’t be delving in there and you catch them with the cake crumbs crumbling from the corner of their mouth? You’ve got them red handed and yet they still go doe-eyed and weasel-voiced and deny it to the bitter end in the full knowledge that you actually know they are lying. Either you choose to play along with the game or you don’t. One choice makes your life much easier to live and the second alternative launches something at the fan that you could have done without at the weekend. Well, the National Security Agency has been caught lying through its back teeth now (yet again, perhaps, some might hasten to add). The trouble is that the NSA won’t have any teeth left after the people find out that the supposed surveillance of US citizens’ internet traffic being nothing more than a measly 1.6% of the sites that we visited and the communications sent is just a bare faced lie.  It apparently turns out now that it is 75% at least of the sites that are visited by everyone in the country. Whereas the kid that swipes the stuff from the fridge is excused for being young and learning, the NSA is at an advanced stage of maturity and old people are notoriously renowned for telling fibs, aren’t they? Well, sometimes, they just don’t give a dam either and blatantly launch themselves into rhetorical speeches that get them into hot water for telling the truth far too much. Yes, the NSA lied. The NSA has lied. The NSA is still lying.

75% of Data

NSA: Truth or Lies?

NSA: Truth or Lies?

The revelations are coming out now hard and fast as we unravel the wicked web of deceit that has been weaved in the name of national security of the country. But the genesis of this story was hatched well before the 9/11 attacks. The attacks were just an overtly public excuse to make sure that the country accepted for the main part what was being planned (when the extent of the operations was fully uncovered).

Today 75% of communications in the United States of America are covered by the NSA. The names of the programs that enable this are called BLARNEY, FAIRVIEW, OAKSTAR, LITHIUM and STORMBREW.

It is perhaps rather fitting that Blarney is the name of one of those programs. The meaning of the word is ‘flattering wheedling talk’ and ’cajolery’. The NSA has been blarneying us all along with its deceptive and misleading talk and hooey. You can just imagine the person that thought that up sitting round the boardroom table. Bush must have laughed and choked on a pretzel back then, I guess. Strombrew is another good and prodding handling for a surveillance program that has caused more than just a storm in a tea cup.

Supposedly, the people are protected by the fact that a court order would be necessary to obtain that information regarding individual communications. The reality might be a whole lot different. The communication details include:

  • International gateways
  • Metadata
  • Content of online communications
  • Sorting of the data
  • Copying of traffic on the internet and filtering that data
  • The type of communication that is being sent across the internet is filtered by the NSA to keep or discard from searches.
  • That means that any form of communication, whether it be surfing, downloading a video, downloading music, sending email and everything else that we might be doing.
  • Digital phone calls can also be monitored and logged.
  • IP addresses are also logged and matched to those downloads to show the region where the communication takes place.
  • Anyone that has any form of contact with someone outside of the US is immediately logged for foreign-intelligence analysis.

Compulsive NSA Lies

The NSA is not suffering from a compulsive lying disorder that would mean that it has a pathological inability to perceive the truth from falsehood. The NSA knows only full too well that propping up that idea is tantamount to excusing what it tells the sheeple every day. It is possible that they have thought so little ahead that they are unable to foresee the negative adverse consequences of what that lying will entail in the future. The NSA has exploited used and abused the electronic systems that have invaded our lives for the past few decades in the hope that they might also infiltrate and control the people through those means. Except the NSA never thought far enough ahead to understand that what one might use can also be used by someone else. There are some people that are also exploiting that data and the systems in order to grapple with the NSA and thus the revelations today concerning the 75%.

NSA Lies

NSA Lies

Lying that is compulsive can be attributed to a number of factors such as dysfunctional childhood or cerebral dysfunction, amongst other things. Clearly, the NSA needs to get something done about the cerebral dysfunction, which means going straight to the top, getting rid of the grey matter and replacing the cells (attempting to make sure that the new cells are trustworthy if that is possible). The dysfunctional childhood has resulted in Pseudologia Fantastica, a system of complex lies that form a matrix becoming so intertwined that it has been impossible to distinguish the truth from lies recently. Pseudologues just trade one story for another when confronted for fear of not being just quite as good as they had of hoped and thus leading to the destructing of their image, or the even greater fear that others will one day stumble across the proof that reveals that they are indeed less than they would have liked to have been perceived. The NSA has been rumbled, at last. The NSA is a pseudologue that is monitoring our country.

Some people criticize the fact that there are others out here that are critical of what is taking place with regard to the powers that have been handed over or stolen left right and center by the state and yet that still maintain the ‘our’ description when talking of the country. Perhaps everyone’s definition of their country is different, but it doesn’t stand for flirting with the powers-that-be. That fizzles out into subservience and annihilates critical thinking. But, ‘our’ doesn’t necessarily mean condoning what the state has been doing to the people not only in the USA but around the world with the surveillance of our every move.  The system that has been created by the NSA for some is unconstitutional. Unfortunately, whether we like it or not, the laws have been passed to allow that to take place. The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, Section 702 enables the NSA and the FBI to carry out any form of surveillance where there is ‘reasonable belief’ that there is a threat to national security. Anything can be a threat to national security. It was only prior to 2008 and the enactment of the FISA Amendments Act that it entered the legal framework. Prior to this date the Bush administration had been collecting data illegally in a warrantless surveillance plan revealed in 2005. The ‘reasonable belief’ tag is so large that anything and everything could be turned over by the NSA to the FBI in theory.

What is illegal however is the filter that has been used to sort the data! The filters have been set in such a manner that 75% of our data is now collected. The NSA supposedly only collected 1.6% of the communications over the internet according to document released (and therefore now fabricated?) by the Obama administration to allay fears of the public. To make matters worse, we are Obama blarneyed into hearing that only 0.00004% of world traffic (0.025% of the 1.6% is selected for review) was actually analyzed at all by the NSA.

Mr. Obama stated: "We've got congressional oversight and judicial oversight. And if people can't trust not only the executive branch but also don't trust Congress and don't trust federal judges to make sure that we're abiding by the Constitution, due process and rule of law, then we're going to have some problems here."

I think we have a problem here, then Pr. President. He must have been kissing that Blarney Stone far too much and believes that he is gifted with eloquence and persuasiveness.
Do you?
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    Job # 1 as President: Uphold the Constitution.

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