The USA Has Got it All Wrong

Justice: the principle of moral rightness and equity, fair treatment and due reward in accordance with the law. Twaddle and baloney, bun, drivel and gibberish hogwash. Unfortunately, the last few explanations are the unrecognized non-official definitions of justice that rule the countries in which we live at the present time. You choose which one you think fits best in the USA.

The USA has got it all wrong (apparently).

The USA puts men behind bars for revealing what the country and the world should have been told a long time ago: the laws are different for those in one place that is high on the hill and for the rest of the population we can whistle until the cows come home because those laws will be applied in a different way. Today we have chemical warfare in Syria with over a thousand people that have been gassed by the dictator that is in power in that country. The world complacently sits back and watches. The French pontificate in Paris that ‘force must be used as a response’ if chemical weapons have been used. Always a condition, which is impossible to prove anyhow, since the UN investigators will not be able to access the site of the attack. The British tentatively bang their little fists on the table (but only if the US backs them up). The US does nothing.

Another war would be too costly, wouldn’t it? If the Western world were to go in guns blazing, then hope of getting the economy of the ground would be well and truly scuppered. One saving grace is that if any intervention did take place in Syria and Bachar al-Assad were ousted, then it would only prove that what Adam Smith said long ago was right: the state will hide the true cost of any war from the taxpayer and just increase the national debt. Here we go again!

Any invasion of Syria would cost the US alone $300 billion per year and has been estimated to require roughly 300, 000 troops to have any effect. That’s the official estimate. Although the true cost would be that multiplied by x (unknown factors that had not been foreseen). The money could always be found relatively quickly just by printing a bit more at the Federal Reserve, couldn’t it? Any invasion would require troops to be based there for a number of years first of all to quash the rebels (i.e. al-Assad), then to organize elections and set up a new government, with which of course there would be close ties with the West. Iraq cost the USA $1 trillion (officially) according to the White House. 30, 000 people were injured and more than 4, 500 killed. Another war would mean more money weighing down on the already-sagging shoulders of Uncle Sam.

USA got it wrong?

USA got it wrong?

Just a few months ago, President Obama said that the USA didn’t understand. The people in the USA would never be able to understand about Syria because they are not in on the discussions: “What I’m saying is: that if you haven’t been in the Situation Room… Unless you’ve been involved in those conversations, then it’s kind of hard for you to understand the complexity of the situation and how we have to not rush into one more war in the Middle East.

The USA has got it all wrong. The US people have got it all wrong according to the President.

But, it has nothing to do with understanding the complexities or sitting in on the discussions, otherwise that would mean that the majority of people would be unable to have an opinion about anything. Surely, Mr. Obama it has nothing to do with that at all, but everything to do with the fact that it will cost the USA more than they are prepared to invest financially at the present time. Anyhow, there’s no point putting on a show about democracy and rights or freedom today and wanting to spread that around the world when it has all been a complete façade and a masquerade in our own countries in the Western world. As one British author once said “one of the scars in our culture is that we have too high an opinion of ourselves. We align ourselves with the angels instead of the higher primates”.  We are still hanging in the trees but we think we are sitting by the side of the Gods.

The USA puts men behind bars for revealing things that we should have known about the government that is running our lives and reading our communications. But, the diplomatic cables that Manning handed over to Julian Assange were too telling for the administration in the USA.

Were they so interesting and did they contain such highly security-damaging information that the US administration had no other alternative than to lock Manning up and throw away the key for the next 35 years. Quite honestly, is it that important to condemn a man for information that is already largely known such as the fact that former President Nicolas Sarkozy was pro-American and that he was authoritarian? Was it important that he chased his son’s pet rabbit around the Presidential office of the Palais de l’Élysée one day after it got let out of its cage? Was it of utmost importance and only on the hearsay of one diplomat that Angela Merkel was unable to take a decision? Some of the cables contained little more than just judgmental character statements about the people in positions of authority around the world.

But, what was important was the information that he revealed about the Standard Operating Procedures for Camp Delta, the protocol of the US Army (Guantanamo Bay), released in November 2007 by Wikileaks). The US government had always denied that they hadn’t complied with international laws in the detention center. But, the leaked report in this case revealed that prisoners were denied from access to the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Wasn’t it important to get the information about Barclays Bank and their tax avoidance scheme in 2009? Thanks to Wikileaks the bank’s information was revealed to the UK tax office (HMRC). The tax avoidance was to the tune of between £900 million and £1 billion and the Guardian newspaper detailed “an elaborate circuit of Cayman Islands companies, US partnerships and Luxembourg subsidiaries”. In 2012, they paid back £500 million (although it begs the question as to why they didn’t pay back the full amount).

The USA has got it all wrong. Without money, all effort might well be in vain. But, surely there are things that are more important than spending the billions on Manning, Snowden and financing the NSA security-surveillance programs. Surely Syria is more important than that or the Syrians at the very least.

But, President Obama has spoken. The USA is unable to understand.


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