Yes US Needs Immigration

The Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act. It’s a mammoth of a reform bill and runs 844 pages (plus 350 pages of annexes). A needed overhaul of the 1986 law, but it will have its downsides too.

  • It will increase the number of security agents working on US borders from 21, 000 to 40, 000, with the added cost involved.
  • 700 miles of new fence will have to be built to protect the country from illegal immigration.
  • The cost is estimated at $25 billion and borders will become militarized.

    US Immigration

    US Immigration

11 million undocumented illegal immigrants will be given a path to citizenship (over a 13-year period) under the amendment. Those immigrants actually bring in roughly $15 billion in revenue for the state today, according to analysts. Those immigrants have for the main part been in the country for a number of years and it is a well-known fact that newly arrived immigrants are the ones that cost the state the most, since they are either not yet working or cannot work due to lack of language skills or to the fact that they are undocumented. However, their children still attend schools. Providing regularization would increase the taxation of those people and thus bring the budget deficit of the country down by $192 billion in a decade.

Many will probably disagree with what is being said about the need to have immigrants in a country and it always seems highly surprising that most Americans today are immigrants or were descendants of immigrants at one time; however far back they thing they might go to the Pilgrim Fathers. They are still immigrants. How soon we forget that a country can’t just have chosen immigration of highly qualified and wealthy people. There are jobs that are going unfilled every day in the US and while the bigoted bullies lambaste the suggested changes in the immigration laws, they do nothing to get out of the sofa to fill the positions that are available today. The other solution is that they can increase the birth rate perhaps. But, then as Jeb Bush stated only a few months ago, immigrants are also ‘more fertile’ than American citizens. 80% of population growth that will take place in the USA over the next four decades is estimated as coming from immigrants rather than American citizens.

Refusing to accept immigration today means that the US will decline. There are no two ways about it. The US will see its workforce decline in 2015. The Social reforms undertaken by President Obama extending medical coverage added to rising unemployment and increased numbers of people who are under-employed mean that this will put a further strain on the few that will continue working. The result will be increased debt for the country. If immigrants are not allowed to enter the US, then it’ll be adios amigos for the USA. Already the country’s days are numbered as China will overtake them pretty soon and the US economy will be playing second fiddle.

In Europe it’s the same old story of grey hair and curlers, twin-sets and tweedy pattern trousers. It’s an ageing population of nothing more than baby-boomers that have grown old today. By, 2050, the workforce in the EU will have fallen by up to 25%, according to analysts. Predictions show that that date may be looming faster than expected as the PIIGS (Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain) see their youngsters’ fleeing their damaged economies for better promises of a successful start to life. The change in demography is under way already. Half a million people fled Spain and emigrated somewhere else outside of the country last year alone. Who could blame them? In the UK, 50% of the entire population of the country said that they would be better off elsewhere in another country.

Immigration policies rarely look at the needs of the market and are nothing more than politically-motivated or vote-winning statements at the time that they are uttered along with ethnic-orientated goals. The US has left it far too long to think about the shortage in industries such as the automobile sector that will be lacking 100, 000 workers and they are running out of people that are willing to do manual jobs in the country already. Today only 13% of immigrants come because of the job possibilities in the US. It stood at 18% just a few decades ago.

Today immigrants that arrived to study in the US or to create companies are now returning home rather than staying in the country, taking their skills with them. 72% of Indians said that they had better opportunities in India today and 81% of Chinese believe that the same is true of the Chinese economy.

At one time, the USA was like a magnate for strivers in the world. Now, they just come to take the rewards of education and innovation, then they go back home to make the money.

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