Chemical Weapons: Hoax!

Isn’t it always the way that politicians, wherever they might be and in whatever government in whatever country always stand up and bang their fists on the table in pontificating vociferation, preaching to us about what should and shouldn’t be done. The newspapers of the mainstream media across the Western world are jumping on the same bandwagon and making sure that the most used word this week is Syria followed closely by ‘bomb the b’stards’.

The British newspaper The Independent publishs today its breaking headline of what the UK government has done. It was called ‘breathtaking laxity’ to have allowed up to a year ago the granting of a license to export two chemicals that would enable the making of Sarin. Now, if you were to stop there, as the average person might actually do, then you would think, hey let’s bomb the Brits, they started it all. But, the two highly dangerous chemicals that were included in the agreement to  export by a British company to Syria were none other than sodium fluoride and potassium fluoride.

Yes, sodium fluoride is the product that strengthens your teeth. Ok, in powder formula it can cause (if inhaled or ingested) heart problems and respiratory problems.

US Secretary of State John Kerry has stated that the country needs to go in there and bomb them out, invade and overthrow, all in the name of the democratic West (and the United Nations if they want to throw themselves into the jaunty charabanc outing of yesteryear where the only film being screened will be Die Hard). Kerry has stated that the reports provided by the US show that there are ‘signatures of Sarin’ (not Sarin itself).

So, the hair and blood samples that have tested positive for the signature of Sarin are showing up traces of sodium and potassium fluorides? Have we all been poisoned by chemical weapons because the water I drink is enriched with fluorides? The toothpaste I use is enriched with it.

The licenses to export to Syria were revoked in July 2013 by the European Union, and the British company never actually even exported to Syria. The exporting company had assured the Business Secretary in the UK that the sodium fluoride and the potassium fluoride were destined to be used in the manufacture of frames for windows and in bathrooms.

Admittedly, the products can be transformed into Sarin and are two of the nerve agents that are used in the production process. But, the two types of fluoride could be purchased for other reasons entirely and can hardly be used as proof that chemical weapons have either been used or even mad at any time.

Western intelligence agencies have reported to governments that since 2012 there have been 14 separate occasions that Bachar al-Assad’s regime has used chemical weapons against the Syrian people. If this were true, then why has the Western world waited for over a year to do anything and what has made now the right time for tomorrow’s strike there?

If the fluorides had been sold with the purpose of making chemical weapons, then it is hardly a surprise since the British, just like every other government in the West, have always complacently continued arming both sides to rake in the cash in all and any conflicts in the world, even those they have been involved in. Britain had no qualms about arming both Iraq and Iran during the bloody war between the two. Britain sold the equipment to Saddam Hussein to make sure that he had the ability to make chemical weapons and it was ok for him to gas Iranian soldiers and his own people in 1988, without the West getting on their soap-boxes. To make sure that the Shah of Iran fell with a thud Iran got Rapier missiles and a few tanks sold to them. Since both countries never even paid the money back, as they defaulted on the payments, the British people funded the sale through taxation. The British government still got their share all the same.

Maybe all of this grand talk of bombing them out of the Middle East will have a positive effect and drum up some long-lost business for the UK’s military sales event in the London Docklands taking place next week. The Defence and Security Event (DSEI) takes place between September 10th and 13th with visitors from 121 countries. Would be nice to know if the Assad regime will be represented there. Probably no point in going, the British must have exported long ago to them.

MPs in the UK are now demanding an explanation from the British government and David Cameron (who is already in a fragile position since no other Prime Minister has suffered a no-vote of war since the mid-nineteenth century) looks like he shall come out of it slightly the worse for wear.

Doing a George W. on us will not get any respect from anyone in the world and least of all now that it has been revealed that the chemical weapons are in actual fact nothing more than sodium fluoride and potassium fluoride.

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  • tom kauser

    Reply Reply September 3, 2013

    Good show? HAMPTONS can get exceedingly boring and the oil company execs think nothing of being the gallery coming to the 18th!

  • tom kauser

    Reply Reply September 3, 2013

    It is refreshing to see a country develop a critical thinking phase this quickly considering how we have been a "go along to get along people" for so long. Such prose 10 years ago would have rolled eyes AT BEST

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