Spain Has the Answer and Goes it Alone

As the economies of the world plunder our savings, as the banksters take over our wealth and the politicians aid and abet them in the process, there is one small enclave in the world that has decided to change that and do things differently. So, they might not be totally free from the yoke of government and the non-liberal politics and economics that tell us that we live in a free world (while all the time holding us hostage to a slow and painful death by austerity and tax-paying while the banks are shored up and bolstered till they can purr no more by the loose monetary policies of the Federal Reserve and their ilk). In the midst of all of that financial and economic strife and the real unemployment rates that are hidden from our very eyes because it wouldn’t do to tell the people the truth (opaque politics and optical density are always much better for the ratings), there is one place that is doing things differently and maybe we should take a leaf out of their book. There’s one village in Spain that has decided to go it alone.


Spain has seen its unemployment figures rise to dizzy heights of +27.2% (March 213). Today unemployment stands at 25.98% in the third quarter of 213. Youth unemployment currently amounts to 56.1%. But, all those figures are not the real unemployment figures, which are much worse. Remember governments have the handy knack of doctoring the figures. If you work an hour a month, then you are taken off the list of unemployed these days and the figures go down to unreal levels.

The Spanish economy has been shot in the knee-caps and is limping up the coastline of an economic slump.

The Spanish government even tried to divert attention just a few months ago by bring Gibraltar to the forefront of the media. That disappeared from the media, didn’t it? I certainly wonder what was released by the government on that day when the press and the media decided to report nothing but stories about a small rock in the Mediterranean that the British weren’t going to let go of out of principle? Just like the British special advisor and press officer Jo Moore that sent an internal memo on the day of the World Trade Center Attacks and told government departments to issue all the information immediately that was going to get them into hot water. Ah! There’s nothing like hiding behind a smoke screen. If only we knew what had been released that day by the government of Tony Blair.

In essence, Spain is having a tough time.

Marinaleda, Spain

Marinaleda, Spain

But, in the heart of Andalusia there is a small town that is prosperous and living the good life. Agreed there are only 2, 700 people in the town, but they may have something to look at. Marinaleda has decided to do away with municipal workers and get rid of civil servants. It’s the people that take care of the village. Unemployment is unknown of as the people are working in the town for themselves. They clean the streets and they tend the parks and the gardens themselves. They took over the land that belonged to the rich families that had the control of the village decades ago and they put it to public use, to the benefit of the people of the town. That was thirty years ago now and the people all have a place to live and they all have a job.

Marinaleda in Andalusia

Marinaleda in Andalusia

And no, this isn’t communism.

It’s working for yourself with a common objective.

Communism is giving a minority the power over the majority so that the former can control the latter and maintain them in public servitude and shackles for the rest of their lives. These people have done away with the man at the top that believed that he could control the people. These people are working for their own benefit and gain and not for that of the minority.

The objective is not to make profit, but to reinvest the money that is left over after paying everyone out and covering expenses. The objective is to reinvest that money and create jobs. There is surely something in there that should be listened to.

In Marinaleda the people work 6.5 hours a day and they get paid 47 euros per day (that’s double the minimum wage in Spain).

There’s no point in defining utopic structures, because utopia doesn’t and can’t exist. We made that mistake long ago.

There’s every point in making sure that everyone in society gets at least the opportunity to work. We’re not talking about dishing things out in a Welfare State that is going to bring the economy crashing to the ground. But, we are talking about working and creating jobs. If the profiteers stopped milking the people dry, then there might be jobs that are created.

If the banks didn’t take all of the profits for themselves, then there might be a change that occurred in the structure and make-up of the economic models that we have.


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