Europe Recruits the Rich

Money has no smell it seems in the European Union these days. Although, one should wonder if there is a country anywhere where it might be different. Is there somewhere on this planet where money doesn’t let off a whiff of complacent eager contradiction and corruption; just a hint of the stench which is associated with paying to get exactly what you want.

Money can buy everything these days. At a time when we talk of zero immigration, zero tolerance, national identity and the failings of multiculturalism there are some that are benefiting from the possibility of paying to get in the front door. At one time those very same people used to pay at least at the tradesman’s entrance and get through the back door. Now, they just get the red carpet rolled out as long as the millions can be notched up.


First, it was the UK that decided to set up its investor program. All you had to do was to invest £1m, £5m or £10m in British companies and you would get given the little book (or the ability to apply for that within a 2 to 5 years depending on how much was paid) that would be the pass key that would unlock most, if not all, doors.

Since when did citizenship get a price tag on it?

Since when were some better than others because they chucked a few notes at British companies.

The British are threatening with leaving the European Union. Most will be saying in the EU ‘good riddance’. If paying money and valued-based acquisition of passports opens the door to the rest of the EU, then the UK could certainly try going it alone. Hopefully they will do it before the Scots pronounce themselves on the fact that they are also going to throw in the towel and see what happens when they benefit from North-Sea Oil on their own. That will leave the UK even more in a position of poodle-ish antics with regard to the United States.


Malta wants your money

Malta wants your money

The British started it and now it looks as if there is going to be a passport war going on. Malta has just announced that they will sell their passport for just 650, 000 euros. Get ready for the price war.

This means that the British will be on the receiving end of some tough competition from the Maltese on this one. With Malta being a member of the Commonwealth and also of the EU it means that anyone paying that sum will get access to not only the EU but the rest of the world too.

The USA will also become a destination for which a visa will not be required. Visa-free travel is open to Maltese passport holders in 160 destinations in the world today. The difference between what the UK is offering and the Maltese scheme is that the latter offers a fast-track route into citizenship, with immediate acquisition of a passport. They are simply selling the document. For high-net worth individuals that sum is nothing at all.

Naturally, the British have called upon the EU to regularize the problem. They believe that it poses a threat to national security and EU security as it may let in anyone. Although, they should hardly worry, the trouble doesn’t come from outside but from within usually these days. If they are talking about terrorists, they are usually home-grown and common-garden variety in the UK these days.

Passports are just a bit of paper with a hard backing stuck on and a photo for good measure, even though nobody looks like their photo these days. Just as well, since we all step out of the photo booth as if we were a crazed gunman ready to slay half the city and that has already slaughtered many on the way to get the mug-shots done. But, it is a surprising piece of paper that people are willing to pay for.

Why would anyone want to come to Europe today if they had that sort of money. Getting access to one of the highest debt holders in the world, with populations that are succumbing to unemployment and banks that are fiddling the masses along with governments that are more corrupt than any of us could ever imagine, are hardly any reason to want to force the door open with a princely sum of money. There are surely better places to go.

One thing that the EU has managed to do, is to sell the dream that they are a destination to be sought after. But, once inside you know that it’s not true.

There was that woman that died and got the choice between Heaven and Hell. When she took the lift up to the pearly gates, St Peter was rather boring and stay-at-home. So she went down to Hell in the lift and when the doors opened there was some fit guy that welcomed her, introducing himself as the Devil. People were partying and having fun, smiling and Hell looked like it was just pure heaven, in fact. She made her decision and told God it was Hell that she was opting for. Hell it was for her then and she got a one-way ticket in that lift. When she took the lift with her baggage in tow, the doors opened. This time it was all fire and brimstone, sizzling flames ready to cook her. The fit handsome dude that had welcomed her the day before wasn’t there and in his place there was some ugly old devil. She asked what and happened and the Devil replied: “Honey, yesterday we were recruiting, today you are staff!

Welcome to Europe guys, step right in, they’re recruiting today.

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